I grew up in a small town in Ohio where there wasn’t much to do, so in searching for something to fill the time, I discovered video games and fell completely in love.

It all started at age 6 when my brother and I were given a copy of Mortal Kombat and I have been a loyal fan ever since, fulfilling my voids by completely submerging myself in the world of GAMES. I have since then explored all types of games, but Mortal Kombat is still my favorite.

Growing up in a small town that offered nothing, I yearned for something more. I watched my older sister go off to college and I realized I too wanted to venture out in search of a more exciting life. I set my sights for Los Angeles and I knew that good grades were my way out, so in high school I dedicated myself to my new mission and for the next four years, I made sure that I got straight A’s.


I got accepted to USC and I went in as a pre-med Biomedical Engineering major. I wanted to become a plastic surgeon but while signing up for electives, I came across Introduction to Interactive Entertainment and then my epiphany, my sudden divine revelation of knowing that perhaps I didn’t have to “put my childish things to the side” as many had often lectured. There was something more, something untapped, I could pursuit my passion in gaming and be able to make a living out of it.

So I switched my major from Biomedical Engineering (BME) to a double major in Business Administration and Interactive Entertainment (the video game major at USC). I was set, I could live and breathe gaming but like a true gaming nerd, my physical appearance suffered resulting in the make over show called “how do i look” coming into my life. The experience from the show taught me that I can still be a nerd at heart but I didn’t necessarily have to look like one. I can be smart and gorgeous at the same time and still take pride in my gaming which is often frowned upon.

Then, as I was taking an entrepreneurship class, I was inspired once more and decided that I could own my own company. I loved gaming and I knew their was a market for female gamers. I thought about how being on that makeover show improved my life and I wanted to have that same impact on other people’s lives as well. Like myself for a time, female gamers are overlooked and not taken seriously. With a clothing line, they can have something to claim as their own and show their gaming with true pride and style. I envisioned a world where girls could now be gamers and nerds at heart and LOVE the way they look, and so, the concept for the line was born. A concept is just a concept but a good name gives it life. I was being interviewed for a school article for my reputation as an avid gamer, and while discussing my ability to spot other gamers, an ability I refer to as my “GAMEDAR,” the word took off. I was quoted all over the internet, Kotaku credited me for coining the term, I discussed it on an interview with Spark! a Canadian radio station. Just like pieces to a puzzle, everything came together and my purpose was etched out in stone, my purpose to create a new line, targeting my fellow female gamers, and I would call it GAMEDAR.

Before gamedar, Celeste McWhorter has lived many lives , she is an active member of the Order of the Eastern Star, A member of the high IQ society; Mensa, studied to be a plastic surgeon, is a published author, see her research paper here, read the text here and an actress see a clip of her acting watch here and here had a makeover on How Do I Look watch this and this came back on the show to makeover her friend, Jessica Neilson who is now in medical school in Oregon watch Celeste McWhorter is now finishing her degree at the University of Southern California, facebook her here.